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From this Wired News article, are some links to a small selection of free games, each of which innovate one thing cool and new. if you’re tired of “the same tired play mechanics, over and over. Shoot the bad guys while avoiding flying lead. Level up your character in an online world. Drive like hell in a souped-up rig. Match the pretty colors in a puzzle.“, then perhaps one (or more) of these will interest you.

Strange Attractors, played with only the space bar as input.

Facade, interactive theater so open-ended that it puts paid to the supposedly “immersive” qualities of today’s narrative games. jandrugs.com

RSVP from Pop & Company, a card game that “feels like a sepia-toned Depression-era opium dream”.

Dyadin, an otherwise traditional puzzle-action game for two players that has elements that exist for only one player or the other.

Cloud, a basic flight game without the ground targets, dogfights, or simulated cockpits.

Arcadia from Gamelab, an innovative twist on the old arcade games.

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The Carnival of Gamers …

… is up. This is, what, the 7th?

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