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Posted on December 9, 2009, under about.


This is our online magazine, so I guess that makes us journalists. You decide.

We’ll talk about a lot of things but have particular interest in Politics and how Technology and Religion impact society. We’ve read the Constitution and think it means what it says, so a lot of people will call us conservative. We disagree, but we’re outvoted. We also enjoy gaming of various sorts, though we certainly don’t have the latest of anything. We have serious opinions, but there isn’t much we won’t poke fun at.

We want comments and discussion, and the comments section is unmoderated after your first post (anti-spam). But we want civil discourse, so type like you’re talking face to face. If you are being offensive in our opinion, your words will disappear. If you are too offensive you’ll be invited out. We will be offended by foul language, name calling, and trolls. If that’s too rough for you, start your own blog and we’ll converse with you there.

We will also get email sent to us via our name at this domain. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy your time here and come back again.


I’m the younger, attractive looking one. I’m ex-Military and an ex school-bus driver. But I’m a self-described technophile, which would probably explain why I’m still single.


I’m the more mature and intelligent looking one. Married and self-employed. A non-degreed electronic engineer, back to living in the country like I grew up in. I know a bit of science and a bit of theology and enjoy finding out more. I’m also usually the cook at home.


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