The McCain drumbeat?

I was either ahead of the curve or way behind it a few days ago. The buzz today is that the Senator is the one true hope to maintain Republicans in DC. brandmedicines.com

IMO, this guy is far too wrong on the First Amendment, and far too casually corrupt, to get my vote. Democrats would only have to put up a reasonably intelligent pick to get my vote. Gore wouldn’t do it, but Kerry might, though I’d rather have a candidate defined by what he is rather than who he isn’t.

I don’t care which party runs DC. I do care a lot more about the ideas. And though the Republicans stand for more of my beliefs than the Democrats do, the Republicans have also betrayed those beliefs that I agreed with them on.

I’m glad there’s three more years before I really have to reach for a lever. Maybe the Republicans will come back to me. Maybe the Democrats will discover what they stand for, rather than what they stand against.

Maybe pigs will sprout wings.

via Daily Pundit, with more at Ankle Biting Pundits and Power Line.



  1. TuCents » Give me Ideas not a Theme, or, How Not to Win said,

    December 12, 2005 @ 10:07 pm

    […] According to the AP, Democrats are coalescing around a message of community and purpose. In my last post I pointed out the best way for Republicans to get me to vote Democrat. Let me put out a clue for the Democrats. […]

  2. activist kaza said,

    December 13, 2005 @ 12:03 am

    You’ll have to elaborate a little bit on the “casually corrupt” comment for me…I guess I am one of those hoodwinked by McCain’s “straight talk” who doesn’t believe the man is like the other 99% of Wash. DC. And that’s why he can win in 2008. The “reform” movement that Ross Perot tapped into in the early ’90s hasn’t gone away. Americans still want to see the system cleaned up “big time” (as Dick Cheney might say) but the establishment Ds are in bed with the lobbying crowd about as bad as the Rs…they just don’t wield as much power (at the moment).

    Oh, and don’t go and tell me about the S&L scandal. I believe that was McCain’s epiphany, and he has been out to rid Washington of the influence of the money-peddlers ever since. Don’t believe me? Why do you think he lost in 2000? The guy scares the bejeebers out of the establishment…and the Christian Right can’t figure out if he’s one of “them” or not.

    It’s that kind of indepedence (not to mention sense of humor, a war hero etc.) that appeals to mainstream Americans. If McCain goes for and gets the R nomination (admittedly a tough row to hoe), I say he wins the general election in a walk, no matter who the Ds put up.

    You read it here first. That’s not to say I’d support him in every instance myself (Ds like Feingold and Richardson are appealing to me, but not Hillary or Evan Bayh, ugh!). But I think he’s far more appealing than Bush, and could unite the country in a way that few others out there could.

    So back to that “casually corrupt” comment…what’s your evidence, friends??

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