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5. The Mouth-Hand line. If a line is now drawn midway between the nose and throat lines in the upper medial quadrant, continuing to the outer iris margin between the neck and diaphragm lines in the lower lateral quadrant, we produce a connection between the mouth area in the upper medial quadrant, and the hand area in the lower lateral quadrant. This line is called the

Mouth-Hand line, also Nutrition line. Registrations in this location signify that the patient suffers nutritional defects. These patients will not change their eating habits. If this line shows in the right iris, it suggests that the ancestors suffered from diseases of the stomach. If in the left iris, then the patient has always eaten that which he is unable to digest.

6. The Forehead-Ovary line. If commencing with the forehead boundary in the upper medial quadrant, which lies midway between the Vertex and Nose lines, a line is projected to the margin of the lower lateral quadrant between the Foot and Diaphragm lines, we have the

Forehead-Ovary line. Registration of the line indicates disturbance of sex life with effects upon the brain, in this case the emotional nature. Women with ovary signs and short stubby finger nails have much head pain, and also usually have many children.

7. The Cerebellum-Uterus line Cerebellum-Rectum line. A line drawn in the right iris from the margin between the Vertex and Ear lines, through the upper lateral quadrant, commences with the Cerebellum. In the lower medial quadrant the line runs midway between the Foot and Bladder lines to the area for uterus. If there are registrations of this line in the right iris, then the patients are noisy and incline to hysteria. Vertex headaches are then predominant.

In the left iris we have the Cerebellum-Rectum line, which as the name implies, does not run to the uterus area but to that for the rectum and anus. Registration of this line suggests conditions terminating in hypochondria. Such patients are quiet, and have little to say.

8. The Axilla-Loin line. This line is drawn midway between the Ear and Neck lines through the upper lateral quadrant. Here we have the area for axilla and clavicle. In the lower medial quadrant the line is drawn midway between the Bladder and Throat lines, and so demarcates the area for Loins. This line is the Axilla-Loin line, or Endurance line. Patients showing this line are very sensitive. One must not demand too much of such patients. They can neither bear nor endure much.


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