Posted on December 9, 2009, under Arthritis.

As you have learned from previous chapters, faulty nutrition is singularly the most important causative factor in the development of arthritis. An unbalanced diet of devitalized, over-processed, overcooked, and overrefined denatured foods combined with toxic and foodless items such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee, sugar, salt, irritating spices, chocolate, soft drinks, sweets, pastries, pies, etc., together with other negative environmental factors, brings about a general deterioration of health, biochemical imbalance, and systemic disturbances. These deleterious factors eventually lead to a total metabolic disorder and consequent pathological changes in the joints and tissues of the body.

Therefore, the first step in an effective program of treatment for arthritis must be a complete change of nutritional patterns. Arthritis can be conquered only by rebuilding and restoring the general health of the patient. The functions of his vital organs must be strengthened; the glandular activity stimulated; the eliminative processes activated; and the digestion and assimilation improved. All this can be done only from within with vital nutritive elements needed for the repair and rebuilding processes within the body.

It should not be too difficult to see that proper nutrition is the most important factor in restoring health. The question is: What is proper nutrition?

You may say, “I have been health conscious for a long time, I eat plenty of meat and eggs and drink lots of milk for my protein. I eat cereal for breakfast and one or two vegetables with my meat each day. And I take a one-a-day vitamin tablet each day, too.” This description of a “health” diet would about sum up the average American concept of proper nutrition: lots of animal protein; devitalized, foodless cereals; canned vegetables and instant mashed potatoes; white bread; sugared desserts out of the can… It is a miracle that not more than 8 to 10 per cent of the American people develop arthritis on such a monstrous diet! And yet, most Americans actually believe that they are the best fed nation in the world. Perhaps they are the best fed quantitatively speaking, but certainly not the best nourished!

There is much disagreement and confusion, even among the prominent nutritionists, as to what constitutes a wholesome diet. Many theories exist and too many popular or pseudo-scientific books are written to further confuse the issues. No wonder the average man is puzzled and confused.


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