Posted on December 9, 2009, under General health.

The purity of the physical body frees enormous resources of the mind. If properly directed, such resources could be used to acquire many natural skills considered miraculous or supernatural by normal people.

Creating matter by a pure thought, flying around the galaxy and the Universe in your various astral bodies, being consciously present at several locations at any one time, learning anything at all instantly in complete silence, understanding all languages by direct telepathy, are just a few primitive examples of what is possible. There are no limits to our spiritual development. It is only a question of time and our own free will.

However, when our physical bodies are poisoned, your “house” is on fire. Most of the resources of the mind are simply not available. We are forced to crawl spiritually.

Frequently we add to our misery by engaging our mind in developing fear, anxiety, stress, envy and other totally useless activities, thereby preventing any residual resources of the mind to be brought into a useful action.

Fortunately, from time to time, our higher mind gives us a chance or a hint, on how to improve your situation. Just in case we are ready to learn. The fact that you are reading this book is just one example. (It is a sad fact, that most people just do not listen and do not want to learn. They criticise and doubt everything and everyone, except their own ignorance. They do not see, that they have a lot to learn).

Note, that it is actually your mind, which makes a decision to initiate purification of your body as well as itself. It does it actually for itself. You make it for yourself. During the process of purification of the body, you will feel great. You will find, that your mind is sharp and your intelligence increased. Any creative work or study will be much easier. By maintaining the purity of the body, you will be able to attain new levels of understanding, gain new skills and knowledge with very little effort. You will see your life and its purpose in a wonderful new perspective.

You can greatly assist the purification of the body, by trying to encourage certain states of the mind and avoid others. Purification of your mind (thoughts) can be as important as physical detoxification, since it is your mind at all levels which ultimately controls every function of your body. Again, the subject is quite extensive, so I will give you only the basic information and advice here.


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