Posted on December 9, 2009, under General health.

Previous chapters in this book provided quite some criticism of the practices of conventional medicine.

The indisputable progress in many areas of medical and other related sciences was yet to be mentioned. This would include among others: the life saving emergency treatments, technology and instrumentation for chemical and biological analysis and the breathtaking progress on the frontiers of “mind-body” medicine.

Deepak Chopra, MD, a pioneer of modern mind-body medicine, is the author of numerous inspiring and mind-bending books, which are listed in the References. In his books,* he illustrates the process of mind and body interaction drawing up on many clinical examples as well as research results from medical science and modern quantum physics. He has met and continues to meet with the considerable opposition from his colleagues – conservative medical scientists, who insist that they should see everything under their microscopes to believe it. Deepak Chopra points out, that medical sciences simply ignore monumental advances made in other sciences, mainly in the Quantum Physics.

Not only do microscopes have limited resolution, and the visible bandwidth of light is extremely narrow (0.4-0.7 micrometers), but even if we could separately look at each molecule, atom or an elementary particle – there is exactly nothing to look at ! Physicists have found quite a long time ago, that any elementary particle or atom is just a form of energy, oscillating in some state of equilibrium, and therefore it is essentially 99.999 % empty space. We can see, detect or sense the matter composed from such atoms, only because their energy interacts with us as observers, ie. for example reflects light that is visible to us. On that level of understanding, even physicists agree, that there is essentially no difference between thought and matter. Thought can become matter and matter can become a thought. Deepak Chopra gives some stunning examples of such transformations not from the mysterious ancient past, but from within contemporary India.

If you need more explanation from the modern Quantum Physics point of view, and do not feel an expert in physics, please read an excellent book “Superforce”, by Paul Davies, listed in the References. Paul Davies is a respected professor of physics, and he does a wonderful job of explaining achievements of modern physics to non-experts. It is really worth the effort to read his book.


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