Posted on December 9, 2009, under General health.

Let us take an example of the involuntary abuse of our body.

Suppose your water supply contains a poison which has no taste in low concentration (eg. fluoride). Your body has a limited capacity to metabolise, neutralise and excrete such a toxic poison. In the first few years it copes very well. But the intake of the poison gradually exceeds the capacity of the body to expel it. So the poison accumulates somewhere in your body, in your bones and joints for example. When the concentration of this poison exceeds a certain limit, perhaps after 10-20 years of drinking such water, you may develop symptoms of arthritis. The actual delay as well as symptoms may vary, depending on your lifestyle, diet etc..

Now imagine, that your diet contains an unknown number of mysterious ingredients.

Your body tries to cope. It never lets you down, if it is at all possible. It tries to metabolise and excrete everything , but unfortunately you take some more toxins in with your next meal. Unable to free itself from all unwanted substances, the body temporarily deposits some of these substances in various forms and in various organs around your body in the hope, that conditions for their disposal may arise later.

However, you do not know and do not care about creating such conditions. Temporary deposits become permanent and continue to grow. If the deposits are not toxic enough to actually kill you immediately, depending on a number of conditions :

you can become overweight and/or

your body enters a state of “healing crisis” – simply

speaking you develop a disease and/or

your body begins to age quickly – the rate of damage is accelerated

Note, that the conclusion we reached by examining the natural functions of our body is that the development of diseases in the body is a direct consequence of diet, the fact that Medical science started admitting only recently.

We also found how we can tell that we are eating the wrong diet. Our body from time to time enters into an uncomfortable state of “healing crisis” (commonly known as “disease”) trying to communicate to our conscious mind that it cannot cope any more and we should change our ways.

We have also determined how to tell if we are eating too much. We simply become overweight.

Note, that in each case analysed above there was a significant delay between our actions and their consequences to our health.


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