Posted on December 9, 2009, under General health.

People have been curing themselves in various ways for many thousands of years. Over this time, some techniques have proved to be quite effective and popular. Almost every civilisation in the past had its own selection of best medical practices. We are very fortunate today, that some of this information is still available and we can take advantage of the accumulated wisdom of many generations of talented and enlightened people.

Please let me point out, that the original principles of orthodox medicine essentially support the view, that the patients should be able to seek another opinion.

A growing number of people, especially when confronted with a diagnosis of a disease considered “incurable” by orthodox medicine (such as advanced cancer for example) turn to alternative forms of treatments, which were proven through centuries. To the surprise of orthodox doctors, many of such patients succeed in greatly improving their state of health and surviving for many years, against all predictions and expectations based upon medical statistics.

The alternative techniques include, among others :

• Acupuncture

• Massage

• Herbal therapies

• Nutrition and diet

• Fasting (an extreme form of diet)

• Ayurvedic (ancient Indian) therapies

• Spiritual healers

• Oxygen and ozone therapies

• Meditation and relaxation therapies

• Radionics and electro-magnetic therapies

• Going to famous mineral springs in the mountains (Lourdes in France for example), drinking the water and bathing in it.

• removing some blood from the body

• going to bed and inducing sweating

• taking sauna

This list is probably not complete, but nevertheless, just by taking a look at it, it is hard not to notice the extreme diversity of healing techniques. They range from purely physical methods concentrating on the physical body (herbs, diet, oxygen, massage, physiotherapy etc.) to purely spiritual methods, totally ignoring the physical body (spiritual healing, meditation etc.). Several techniques (Acupuncture, Ayurveda) combine the extraordinary accurate and detailed knowledge of both the mind and the body.

To me, the most striking is the absence of surgery. I think, there is a reason for it. The design of our body is actually perfect. The mind-body system as a whole has been designed to function perfectly, to defend itself against disease, and to rebuild any damaged parts for as long as we wish. Our wise ancestors did not try to improve the design by removing or changing parts.


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