Posted on December 9, 2009, under Anti Depressants-Sleeping Aid.

As you can imagine, with all the symptoms I have just listed, including a grim and bleak view of your present situation and future prospects, a depressed person may easily reach the conclusion – or entertain the possibility – that life is not worth living. This symptom of depression, known to the clinician as suicidal ideation, is a very troublesome one. If you are experiencing any such ideas, please do yourself and everyone who cares about you a great favour and consult a doctor without delay. Depression is a condition where hope is in short supply and one way to get an infusion of hope is to reach out to those who may be able to guide you out of the dark place. Your GP is a logical first port of call in such an attempt to reach out. But if, for any reason, it is difficult for you to talk to your doctor about the problem, tell someone – a family member, friend, or even someone on a crisis hot line. Suicidal ideation is not a symptom that anyone ought to have to suffer alone.

As depression deepens, suicidal ideation may progress to passive suicidal longings, which may be accompanied by lack of self-care or carelessness. A depressed woman may feel a lump in her breast while taking a shower and may say to herself, ‘So what if it’s cancer? It would probably be all for the best anyway’ Another depressed person might cross the road carelessly and, in the back of his mind, be thinking, ‘Well, if I get run over, what loss will that be to anyone?’

Matters become even more serious when suicidal ideas begin to gel into actual plans, and even more so when actions are taken to put these plans into effect. It might seem unnecessary to say that if someone you know or love should mention suicidal ideas or plans to you, these should always be taken seriously. Unfortunately it is still all too common for people to minimize the seriousness of such communications. The idea that if someone tells you he is considering suicide, he is unlikely to act on it, is a very dangerous myth. Such divulgences should always be heard as a communication of despair, which may or may not involve immediate danger but which always warrants serious attention. At the very least it is an expression of severe mental anguish.

If you think that life is not worth living or have any thoughts or plans to end your life, you are very, very likely to be depressed. Please don’t delay in getting professional help for this problem.


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