Posted on December 9, 2009, under Arthritis.

“When the biologically oriented physician is confronted with a case of infectious disease his approach and his actions are entirely different. For him, bacteria and viruses which are present in certain infections, are phenomena of secondary interest He considers them only as symptomatic factors in relation to the host organism (the patient) and his body as a biological environment All his attention is directed towards the patient. His primary aim is to employ every measure available to increase the power of resistance within the host organism and avoid causing it any damage. The first principle of the art of healing, enunciated already by the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, Trimum est nil nocere —the most important thing of all is that treatment must do no harm—is violated in present-day medical practice more than in any other period of medical history.

“The biologically oriented doctor is aware that with chemical and antibiotic drugs he will always cause damage to the host organism’s biological milieu, even though with such treatments he can achieve a temporary effect. Therefore, he avoids to the utmost the use of such drugs in the management of simple and harmless infections. To treat a common cold or a sore throat with, for example, penicillin, for him is a crime against the fundamental rules of health. Instead, his attention is directed to increasing the body’s own resistance with all the natural, harmless, biological methods of treatment which are available.”

“In your experience, Dr. Essen, are the results of such biological treatments gratifying?” I asked.

“I have had the joy of observing how the body, as a rule, if the general resistance is not too much lowered and if given a chance and proper aid in the form of rest, fasting, wholesome diet, and other biological measures, will by the strength of its own healing power win the battle. And this is not only true in cases of milder infections, but also in cases of very serious diseases. Furthermore—and this is a very essential point—instead of coming out of the disease weakened and debilitated, as is always the case after treatments with chemical drugs, the patient, after biological treatments, comes out strengthened and renewed. It is my observation that biological treatments raise the general resistance of patients and they will, as a rule, become more immune to infections in the future.”


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