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The liver, the largest detoxicating organ in the body, has its place at 37′-40′ in the sixth minor zone of the right iris. The gall-bladder, which is both anatomically and physiologically connected to the liver, has its place at approximately 39′ in the fourth minor zone, and in any case in the right iris only.

1. Liver-disturbances-Inflammatory states of the liver register as white or yellowish clouds or wisps in the specified area. In the inflamed state, the liver is swollen as the result of congestion, which is indicated by the displacement of the iris-wreath towards the pupil, and also by the inwardly depressed nerve rings if these exist. At the same location may be seen the small arteries of the sclera, which when apparent, always indicate the existence of an inflammatory disturbance of the organ in the area to which they run.

Where there are inflammation signs in the liver area, one must very carefully consider whether the white signs (clouds or wisps) are present only in the liver area, or whether they are merely part of the total sign commencing at the iris-wreath and extending over the gall ducts to the liver area. In the first case the disorder concerns the liver only, and is due to a disturbance of the detoxicating function of the liver which becomes charged with blood from the organism. In the second case the disturbance arises from a disorder of the duodenum (usually ulcerated), and because of the extending inflammation, leads to gall stasis and inflammation of the gall ducts and liver. Here, therapeutics must first be directed to the duodenal disorder.

Where there are inflammatory processes affecting the liver, and hence a lighter colour in the liver area, there will also be seen signs in the area for spleen—left iris 20′. medstore-online.com With such liver disturbances the patient complains of severe flatulence, and signs for this will be seen in the intestinal zone.

Much more often, the sign of inflammation is seen as a darkening of the liver area, and this indicates diminished liver function, leading to more or less severe metabolic disturbances. With this sign, there is usually found a very dark neurasthenic ring, as an indication of portal congestion.

Small dark spots in the liver area are signs of sclerosis, and enable one to diagnose a commencing hepatic cirrhosis. The greater is the darkening of the liver area, the greater is the disturbance of liver function.


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