Conservatives Against Intelligent Design

Posted on December 9, 2009, under Religion.

There’s a new blog around named

Conservatives Against Intelligent Design. I like some of what they say, but I can’t support them. I think they’re fighting the wrong fight.

IMO, the ID issue came up primarily in response to just one thing. Students being taught about evolution, followed by the statement in the classroom “So there’s no need for God”. Granted, the young earthers have other issues with it. But if you accept the young earth theory, you also accept that God has deliberately tried to fool people, so why do you complain when He is successful? Except for young earth theories, there is no real problem reconciling evolution with Christianity. ID is that reconciliation.

Now, if you are a Christian, and you don’t like having your kids told that God doesn’t exist, you have three choices. You can pay for a public school and then pay again for a private school. You can pay for a public school and pay again to home school. Or you can try to force the public school to include your point of view.

The ID debate comes down to an argument over the curriculum in a socialist public school system. It’s not really anything else.

CAID is founded to wrestle over the control of a socialist one-size-fits-all approach to education that deliberately excludes choice and competition. I don’t think that’s the right approach for a Conservative, and I know that’s the wrong approach for a lover of liberty. On this one, I’m in Ogre’s camp when he says “If everyone were free to make their own decisions regarding their own education without any government interference, each family could decide for themselves if they wanted ID, creationism, or evolution taught in whatever manner they wanted.”

CAID is arguing about what children have to learn against their parents wishes. CAID has no problem with socialized education, as long as they are in control of it. In another context, that’s what make a RINO.


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