Carnival of Liberty 50

Posted on December 9, 2009, under news.

The weekly compilation of articles on the topic of Life, Liberty and Property. This week is the 50th Carnival of Liberty, and I felt the most appropriate theme would be ‘Fifty’ itself in all it’s glory and permutations. Or what I could come up with, at least.

So the obvious place to start is the black birthday. Or, to steal a line from the Great Dark Horde, “You have reached the age you are, your demise can not be far”. Articles on the pessimistic side.

Ogre at Ogre’s Politics and Views shows in NC House Bill 2213 how one man can hold basic rights away from the citizens.

Matt Johnston at Going to the Mat presents Endorsement by School Newspaper Is Questioned. I thinks somebody’s sense of proportion died, in this case.

Steve Faber rings the alarm with The AMT – If You’re Not Scared, You Damn Well Should Be! posted at Debt Free.

“Next time you go to your doctor, know that his or her membership organization is prescribing coercion as a fix for America’s medical ills.” In American Medical Coercion, Revisited posted at MedicaLiberty.

My henchman Matt has a post about America’s no-speech precedent, where he lists a few of the current exceptions to ‘free’ speech.

NStalker at Pragmatic Speak, has You Can’t Legislate Personal Responsibility – But They Try and Try with a follow-up article, More On Personal Responsibility – The KFC Thing

TKC at The Pubcrawler looks at a recent Supreme Court decision and asks “And what of private property rights?”

Lisa at The London Fog cries out against excesses with So much for the checks and balances in our fine democracy.

Next is the realm of the ‘Five-Oh’, where police powers and legal questions are discussed.

Doug Mataconis at Below The Beltway points out wrong-headed posturing in the Senate in The Flag And Freedom

Mapmaster at The London Fog points out a well greased slope with First they came for the vending machines…, while his fellow Londoner, Lisa, appears again describing problems with hate crime legislation in Diversity Discriminates While Government Dictates

As we travel from ‘You can’t say that’ to ‘You must say this’, Matt Barr at New World Man presents We’re all pro-choice here!

Richard G. Combs at Combs Spouts Off presents one more in a long, long list with Ho, hum — more airport security madness

To illustrate that the only thing keeping us safe from the encroaching police state is their own sheer incompetence, Michael Hampton at Homeland Stupidity presents The Keystone Stasi

And of course, the concept of 50/50 leads us to issues of compromise solutions and mixing separate things to achieve something new and different.

The latest new and different critter is discussed by Boxing Alcibiades at Happycrow’s Eyeball Factory in his Libertarian Democrats and the Equality Imperative.

Don Surber at Don Surber identifies a compromise not worth making with Fat tax doesn’t work. A highlight: “We just happen to have a soft drinks tax in West Virginia that covers those sugary drinks. Have had it since 1951. And after 55 years of this nanny tax, West Virginia ranks third in adult obesity and third in adult diabetes.”

A delicious irony served up as “Public institutions will always need a private safety net to catch those who fall through the cracks of the public system” by Michael Hampton at Homeland Stupidity where his Reality-based education describes a reality where “the public schools are dismal failures, especially with severely disabled children, and the private schools are picking up the slack”.

Jon Swift at Jon Swift presents Guantanamo: Kafkaesque, in a Good Way

John posts Hating America at hell’s handmaiden, with the question “How in the hell is protest anti-American?”.

Lonnie Hodge gives us China’s Spyware: The New Manchurian Candidate may be You posted at One Man Bandwidth.

Jack Yoest proposes a modest compromise with Kill Big Bird, Buy a Raptor posted at Jack Yoest. After all, “There’s a war on. It’s been in all the papers. And we all have to pay for it. Sacrifice somewhere.”

Finally, we harken back to the 1950′s for an era of optimism in culture and technology, with articles in a more positive vein.

Brad Warbiany of The Unrepentant Individual, seeing that Brinkmanship Ebbs between China and Taiwan, is cautiously optimistic about their future.

Dana at Principled Discovery keeps us thinking about history (circa 50 AD) with Liberty, the Roman System of Acquired Privilege

The reading of Hudson v. Michigan and the Constitution over at Liberty Corner is that “Contrary to libertarian orthodoxy, the Supreme Court’s decision in Hudson v. Michigan serves liberty and is consistent with the original meaning of the Constitution.”

While it might be a bit tangential to the Carnival, I love a good discussion of the source of Rights. Francois Tremblay gives the case for Why Anarchy is Most Conductive to Natural Rights (part 1) posted at The Radical Libertarian. IndianCowboy answers with Why Anarchy Isn’t A Satisfactory Protector of Natural Rights, Part I posted at OK so I’m not really a cowboy, as the two continue a running conversation.

Also tangential, but interesting, is Rick Sincere’s My Lunch with Dick Cheney posted at Rick Sincere News and Thoughts.

Michael McCullough at Stingray: a blog for salty Christians presents Al Gore and some inconvenient truths about global warming, and gives several reasons why the demon technology is really just a whipping boy.

Tom Hanna at Tom Rants spreads the underreported optimistic news of Federal Deficit Dropping Without Tax Increases or Spending Cuts

And finally, apropos of nothing I know of, NStalker asks, “NASCAR And O’Canada?”

And that’s the carnival for this week. Next week, the 51st Carnival of Liberty will be at Below The Beltway.


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