Iran Describes Jet Fighter That Morphes Into Fighting Robot

Well, not this week anyway. But we have the ‘Top Secret’ ultra-horizon missile that can be fired from all military helicopters and jet fighters, the “super-modern flying boat” that no radar at sea or in the air can detect, two new torpedos - one can “break a heavy warship” in two and the other moves at up to 223 mph underwater, and a stealth ballistic missile carrying multiple warheads to hit several targets simultaneously.

They may have even gotten some of them working, but the photo of the ‘flying boat’ (left) looks a lot like a kit built pusher prop float plane (right), not exactly the most modern of military hardware.

Iran is trying real hard to be taken seriously. But if we take their threats to nuke their neighbors seriously, we have no way to refuse sending in the Marines. Almost as if the Iran leadership actually wants a head-on closeup view of a company of Abrams.



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