Government = Wife Beating

Gene Callahan takes a calm, considered and entirely un-inflammatory look at the difference between Anarchists and minimalist libertarians in The Most Crucial Gap in Politics by Gene Callahan rxnorth.com

Who besides me is entertained at the spectacle of a ‘the-state-has-no-right-to-exist’ anarchist getting involved in a political party that (theoreticly at least) wants to run the state? The irony is delicious.

I do have to salute a rational anarchist, though. The philosophy is soundly based, well thought out, and utterly utopian and unworkable.

(The term “utopia” is combined from 2 Greek words - “no” (ou) and “place / land” (topos), thus meaning “nowhere” or more literally, “no-place / no-land”.)

And although I think our current bloated system is by definition abusive, it is this kind of anarchist rhetoric that makes it impossible for the Libertarian party to be taken seriously.


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