Let’s share war on christmas.

Speaking in a similar vein to Dave’s prior post concerning the war on christmas, I find it interesting that so many of our holidays are coming under attack. Is it really important that the federal government really turn a blind eye to it’s constituants merry-making?
It is likely that most businesses would be closed on these holidays in any event. Most of the christians would likely not attend work, citing religious reasons. Much the same reason that sunday is largely considered a no-work day.
The athiests (if you’re willing to lay this fracas at thier feet), seem to have turned a blind eye to the non-protestant-christian religions. Many Jewish holidays are printed on modern calendars, and Pagan holidays are also given a treatment (though you wouldn’t know it; it would be difficult to find a calendar that says “Solstice Tonight! All Pagans, bring out your candles!”).
December itself is full of holidays. From the [sarcasm] Evil day of christmas [/sarcasm], and Yule, to Winter Equinox, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and (via technicality) New Years Eve. Most businesses give special dispensation over the last few weeks of December, which is usually enough to cover any of the above mentioned. You would be hard-pressed to find someone to work on that day, federal holiday aside. And if you do happen to take it off the books, just imagine how the toy and travel industries are gonna hate you.

All I ask is that there be some pragmatic reasoning behind this fracas. Why pick on only one religion? Let’s make December just like August! Let’s ban all the December days off!


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