Nosy Nanny State

Virginia and other states, including Oregon, have already started treating cold and allergy remedies as more dangerous than ammunition. In Virginia, you cannot buy any product containing psuedoephedrine except directly from a live pharmacist after showing ID and signing a register. Another state has criminalized buying more than 3 boxes. Imagine that. Buy three boxes of Sudafed (about 2 weeks worth), you’re legal. Put a fourth box in your shopping cart and go to jail. drugrevenue.com

In America.

And what good purpose is served by the pending federal legislation that takes this silly idea national? Lets see.

“It will cut down on meth use.” - No, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, some 80 percent of the illicit meth consumed in the U.S. comes from large-scale Mexican traffickers, not local labs. Shut down 100% of the local labs, and you’ve only profited the smuggler without inconveniencing the user.

“It will shut down local meth labs, since if they can’t get psuedoephedrine they can’t make meth.” - No, other recipes for meth use other precursors such as ephedrine, methylamine, phenylalanine, and phenyl-2-propanone (which itself can be synthesized in a variety of ways). The labs will simply move to another recipe.

“It will inconvenience people and make them think we’re serious about the problem without doing anything positive.” - Bingo.

And it’s not just the criminalization of a perfectly safe over-the-counter remedy, or the elimination from the market of the less expensive forms of that remedy. There’s also this bit of insanity to check out.

Last summer state and federal agents arrested 49 convenience store clerks and owners in Georgia on charges that they sold pseudoephedrine and other supplies that can be used to make meth, including matches, charcoal, anti-freeze, coffee filters, aluminum foil, and cat litter. The charges carry penalties of up to 25 years in prison as well as fines and asset forfeiture. For selling cat litter.

In America.

So next time you have a runny nose, while you’re waiting in line to buy that more expensive box of tablets, go ahead and feel secure from the dangerous meth lab.

When will you take time to worry about your government?

from Hit & Run Reason


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