At least half the people in Oregon can write an essay on why they left California. The recent special election results are a good way to detail the reasons a good number leave. Understanding that reasonable people will disagree, here’s my take by the numbers.

73 - Confirming the right of a child to kill an unborn baby without even talking with her parents.

This is the only non-emergency medical procedure you can perform on a minor without parental permission. This is not about protecting a woman’s right to choose. A 15 year old girl is not a woman. This is destroying the parents’ ability to exercise their proper authority, for no real social benefit.

74 - Providing that two years seniority deserves a guaranteed lifetime job as a teacher.

Tenure is not even reasonably necessary for elementary and high school teachers. They are not expected to publish, to research, or even to deal with controversy. They are expected to teach basic skills and scholarship using state and federally mandated methods and materials. Delaying tenure until after five successful years is no hardship, but is unacceptable to the people of this great state.

75 - Validating the right of the union bosses to spend the workers’ money as they see fit.

If a worker takes the current ‘opt-out’ to prevent their dues from being used for political purposes they disagree with, they also lose the right to vote in the union. The people of the state think thats just fine.

76 - Rejecting the concept of limiting the size of the state government.

The people endorse raising public debt, raising taxes and lowering the state’s credit rating even further.

77 - Endorsing the idea that elected officials should draw their own district boundaries.

No chance of reasonable challenges or new ideas, the people prefer long term career politicians that cater only to the extremists in both parties.

78,79,80 - At least they rejected artificial price caps on medicines, bounty-hunting lawsuits, and the utterly destructive energy regulation that got them in so much trouble earlier.

So you have a large state full of people who like having bad credit ratings, high debt, high taxes, entrenched special interests, unions that don’t represent workers, public employees who don’t have to perform, and kids that don’t have to talk to their parents.

The question isn’t why so many people have left. The real question is why so many productive people choose to stay.


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  1. Matt said,

    November 13, 2005 @ 3:02 pm

    Voter # 459,350,943 who’s glad they left the [insert demeaning word(s) of choice] californian voters behind.

    Gad. Voting Arnie down because he wanted to find a common ground with “the other side”? People dancing around him singing “We’re the mighty, mighty nurses” because he wanted to keep thier own union from spending thier own money against thier own wishes?
    I know that this is partly because the article is from the LA Times [shivers at the mention of the name] and is likely to be [sarcasm] somewhat [/sarcasm] skewed, but come on… Allowing minors to get an abortion without thier parent’s consent? And this is good how?

    I’m sorry to those who might be offended by reading this. But such gross episodes of stupidity tends to get me somewhat hot and hostile.

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